Top Tips for a Strong Winter Defence

Winter has the tendency to provoke introspection, and even more so now off the back of such a strange and turbulent year. To help you stay sane and healthy through the chilly days to come, here are our top picks of wellness rituals to enhance mood, immunity and wellbeing. 

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Essential Oils in the Home 

The shorter days and less sunshine in winter can often leave us feeling flat and stagnant. With that comes the gravitation toward woody and grounding scents to create a comforting and cosy abode.  

Essential oils such as juniper berry have a woody, spicy aroma and are also rich in flavonoids that have been known to provide immunity support for fighting off respiratory infections.  

Other scents such as Frankincense, and Rosemary and Marjoram can provide a warming atmosphere and have therapeutic properties for winter cold and flu symptoms. 

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Skin Brushing and Exfoliation

The skin is our largest organ and deserves ample self-care. Since long beach days and plentiful sunshine is now behind us, the skin can become dull and dry – particularly when hidden under layers of clothing.

Dry skin brushing or exfoliation with a body scrub invigorates the skin, and stimulates blood circulation to the skin’s surface, improving texture and appearance.  

Dry brushing and exfoliation promotes lymph flow, which is a key detoxification pathway.  This practice is perfect in winter when we feel sluggish and typically move less. 

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image cred: Jordanbad Sauna Village | Photo via Sandra Wolf

Sauna Sessions

Sauna has been an ancient practice across many cultures as a means of purification, cleansing and healing. Research has confirmed that sauna sessions have loads of health benefits including lowering inflammation, detoxification of heavy metals, improved cardiovascular fitness and improved cognition to name a few.  The benefits from sauna can be obtained from either the traditional sauna, or infrared. To get the most out of it, get the lymphatic system flowing with a dry skin brushing beforehand. 

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Sunshine (Vitamin D) 

The warm embrace of winter sun. Sunshine is the most optimal way for our bodies to obtain vitamin D. 

Our Vitamin D levels are important for overall wellbeing (too many functions to mention) and fighting off infections. A mid-morning walk with exposed skin is a great way to top-up vitamin D levels during the winter months. 

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Zinc is an immunity essential mineral that can help fight winter cold and flu infections.  

One of the richest sources of dietary Zinc can be found in oysters. Oysters also happen to be an incredible sustainable protein source and are vital for the wellbeing of our oceans and coastlines, which makes consuming them regularly a win-win.

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Immunity Boosting Tea

The cleansing and restoring nature of tea makes it the idea ritual to partake in daily. Mayde Tea, for instance, offers a range of immune-boosting teas. 

We recommend Restore – a carefully curated blend designed to support vibrant health and strengthen the immune system. Try one cup daily and make sure to take time to really absorb yourself in the process to get the full relaxing and restorative benefits.

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Exercise, or even just 30 minutes of gentle movement, really is the cornerstone to keeping up with good health. Clear the mind with a refreshing walk down the dunes, or if you’re like our main man Ryan Hanrahan, a morning surf or some hot laps in the pool could be for you. 

The beauty of Australia is, for the most part, it’s not often too cold to venture outside during the day, so why not make the most of it. Or if it’s too wet, set up in the lounge room, pump a favourite record and count out your own routine with a dumbbell or two.