Utilitarian objects become modern day monoliths with Addition Studio’s new collection Tactile Equations as they explore the geometry of sculpture, and the act of daily ritual.

Each piece has a scultpural aesthetic, which seeks to evolve the cultural hieracrchy from utilitarian object to artwork, in order to give more meaning and importance to the act of daily ritual.
Just as ancient cutlures realised the importance of enhancing the human and earth bond, Tactile Equations seek’s to bring this to our modern world.
Addition Studio’s objects are playful, they encourage a tactile response, or aesthetic equation to master in order to finish the piece. This personalisation enhances the emotional connection between user and object.



Hand polished Australian Bluestone outer layer, with Cylindrical Orb and machined brass ends.

The stratosphere is the second major layer of Earth's atmosphere. It is stratified in temperature, with warmer layers higher up and cooler layers farther down, helping to protect earth from the expanding universe. Some bird species have been reported to fly at the lower levels of the stratosphere.



Hand polished Australian Bluestone, with Brass feature dish.

A superstructure is an upward spiritual extension of prehistoric rituals.
The word "superstructure" is a combination of the Latin prefix, super (meaning above, in addition) with the Latin stem word, structure (meaning to build or to heap up).
In order to improve human stress response, the superstructure may be separated from its foundation by mystical engineering mechanisms, lifting the subject up to a higher level.



Electroplated Brass base, with blackened pine inserts.

Angular but not angry, the Zig Zag is a functional puzzle. Large triangular prism can be placed into the zig zag to solve the puzzle and create a functional table.



Fabricated steel pieces which interlock together. Powdercoated or electroplated brass finish.

The Interlock Candle holder can be used individually, or joined together to create geometric clusters. The user can personalize the layout to suit their space.



Spun brass portal with Australian Riverina Granite base.

Cosmic voids are the vast empty spaces between filaments (the largest-scale structures in the Universe), which contain very few, or no, galaxies. Voids are believed to have been formed in the Big Bang. Starting initially from small quantum fluctuations in the early Universe, regions of higher density particles collapsed more rapidly under gravity, eventually resulting in the large-scale, foam-like structure or “cosmic web” of voids and galaxy filaments seen today.