11th May 2017



Using local & organic produce contributes to a better world, while a relaxed, healthy mind contributes to a positive collective psyche.

We're pretty proud to say that all of our Ritual products and treatments are blended by hand in Australia using all natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible. Meaning you can relax when you're using our products because we have no artificial colours, fragrances, glycols, parabens, mineral oils or sodium laureth sulfates. Yay.

Tested on humans, most of our products are vegan-friendly. AND we always make sure to clearly label if not!


We don’t muck around at Addition Studio, so you won’t find any useless ingredients in our treatments. Everything we put in has a purpose and is there to help you relax, detox, cleanse, heal or just generally improve your life.

So what’s in some of our most popular products?


The Milk Bath Brew, probably the most favourite of our Bath Treatments, contains ingredients such as Lavender botanicals, know for it’s calming and antiviral properties, and Organic Raw Cacao Butter, which is one of the richest sources of antioxidants known to man and is able to penetrate the skin at cellular level delivering moisture where it counts.

Other key ingredients found in all of our Bath Brews are; Epson salts, which provide relaxation to the nervous system as well as curing skin problems and healing wounds, and Australian Goats Milk Powder, which, with the same PH level as human skin, and rich in Vitamins A+ D, strengthens and adds suppleness to the skin.

Another favorite, the Chai Bath Brew, contains some pretty awesome ingredients.

Witch Hazel Leaves create a tonic that strengthens and tightens the skin and Rosehip, a real super hero ingredient, is high in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C & K, providing a multitude of remedial benefits.


Our Bath Treatments also contain some pretty impressive ingredients

Australian White Clay, used across all the soaks, offers deep detoxification leaving the skin clean and harmonious Calendula Flower featured in the Osmosis Bath Soak is anti inflammatory and has even been know to help treat spider veins, bruises and swelling

Particles in Chaos Bath Scrub and Soak, with the combination of Organic Coffee Arabica and Coconut Refined Oil, exfoliates, energises and moisturises simultaneously.


Using only pure essential oils, without any artificial fragrances, we mix our blends to suit all your emotional needs

Centre, containing pure lavender oil, helps to reduce anxiety and emotional stress

Downer contains a mix of Rose, Vanilla, Cedar Wood Atlas, Orange Sweet, Palmarosa & Lavender Bulgaria, all of which are known for their calming and relaxing benefits

Upper, containing Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon and Cedar Wood Oil creates a fresh scent which immediately lifts you up. It's also great to use as a head steam when you have the flu.



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