4th March 2016

Weekender / Kangaroo Valley

We are frequenters of the NSW South Coast, which is Ryan’s motherland, so we often are driving south from Sydney and through the town of Berry – which is our usual coffee stopover.
However last weekend, we had good reason to hang around. The talented Lisa Madigan Invited Ryan and myself to spend some time at her divine little Cottage in Kangaroo Valley.
After a pretty stressful week, the Friday afternoon drive out of Sydney was bumper to bumper (typical of Sydney), it was rainy and hot. Needless to say, I was not feeling my best. However as soon as we took a right turn towards Kangaroo Valley, past Berry, my stress evaporated (this coincided with my phone being turned off). The windy, hot roads were steaming from rain that had just come down, The foliage thickened and the air felt more dense with oxygen. I gave what felt like the first genuine exhale of the week, and my body relaxed into what would be a nourishing weekend of sleep, multiple baths, and a diet of eggs on toast and filter coffee.

The following day was spent mainly submerged (in a bath) whilst is rained outside, with a few coffee / snack breaks at The General – a café / restaurant in Kangaroo Valley I highly recommend (they serve a Single Origin filter coffee to be reckoned with).
We ate dinner that evening at Hungry Duck (I’m still drooling over the Tumeric Wagu Beef curry), and snooped around in our favorite Berry retail space, Roots & Wings.
I finished a book at picked up at Chrissy but just couldn’t seem to get back to - The Golden Finch, Donna Tartt – for which I share a few of my favorite snippets below.

Overall Kangaroo Valley, has my vote. It is lush, quaint and character filled.

We will most definitely be back soon.


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