Our Favourite Wellness Retreats

2ND MAY 2017


Since visiting Urnatur in Sweden a few years ago, we have been obsessed with Wellness retreats. The perfect way to relax, rejuvenate & reset, it's definitely a must for anyone seeking an escape from the daily grind or some TLC for the soul. Our favourites are ones that offer a connection to nature, with amazing natural settings, combined with intelligent design & a holistic wellness focus.



Nature is key to help the mind unwind and the body relax, and this is definitely a big focus for this retreat, who's slogan is 'Urnatur: You are Nature'. Nestled deep in the Swedish forest, the owners built the whole retreat from hand from the surrounding trees. Here you can relax in your forest hut, and spend the day rotating between the sauna and the cold flush showers. Most of the food is grown on the property, and the highlight for us was the fresh Birch water, tapped from the surrounding trees. After a week travelling through Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen this was the perfect place to stop and recover.




Located on the South Island of New Zealand, Aro Hā is just 40 minutes drive from Queenstown, but with breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu and mountain ranges for as far as the eye can see, once you get there you feel like you are miles away from anywhere. The retreats is all about zen inspired luxury, and creating a more sustainable way of living that is in harmony with the planet. This retreat really has it all, with amazing views and facilities, a whole foods vegetarian menu, alpine hiking, spa therapy, daily massage, yoga, integrated mindfulness practices, and un-cooking classes - there is little to disappoint.



Combining the legendary powers of the Vals thermal springs with unique and award wining architecture, this retreat is one for design lovers and wellness seekers alike. The highly mineralized water of the natural spring has attracted visitors to the spa for more than 100 years. In 1996 architect Peter Zumthor set out to create a new design for the spa/baths to pre date the existing hotel complex. The idea was to create a cave or quarry like structure. Working with the natural surroundings the baths lie below a grass roof structure half buried into the hillside. Built from layer upon layer of locally quarried Valser Quarzite slabs, the stone became the driving inspiration for the design. The baths design has since been acclaimed by leading architecture critics worldwide. Offering 5 star accommodation including a unique collection of rooms designed by renowned architects, and with rates including helicopter transfer, this one is all about pampering yourself!