Mia Taninaka, Living Creatively

1ST AUG 2017


Last week we brought you a small snippet into the world of professional free surfer and self described student of life Jasson Sailbury. Because we just can’t get enough of hearing about the amazing life they've built together, we're bringing you even more of that, through the eyes of his other half Mia Taninaka. A well-known artist, mother & dreamy instagrammer - she is pretty inspirational in her own right.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

M: Artist, mother, lover, sister, creator and designer.. in no particular order.
I live in the NSW Northern Rivers region with my partner, Jasson, and our 2 young boys, Ziggy and Taro. We’ve curated a pretty awesome life for ourselves up here. Good weather, great food, wonderful friends, beautiful beaches and surrounded by an amazing concious community. There’s plenty of daily inspiration to fuel the fire, and plenty of downtime too.

Describe your daily routine, and the one daily ritual you can’t live without?

M: On a dream day, I start off with my morning meditation and move slowly through breakfast and a cup of chai before heading off into the day with 2 kids in tow.
However, on most days i’m lucky to get my morning meditation in let alone breakfast before i’m out the door running late for whatever activity I have planned with the kids!

Vedic Meditation is my lifeline, I definitely notice the difference when I haven’t been meditating regularly. When i’m regular, life flows and nothing seems too overwhelming. I feel inspired, motivated, creative and balanced.

You’re a well known artist, tell us about your work and your inspirations?

M: its a funny question and quite a difficult thing for me to answer. When people ask me about my work i’m often stumped. I never say this to people too directly as it can come across sounding a bit rude, but if I was good at using my voice or words to describe things, I probably wouldn't paint. I feel like I have these things inside me and in my mind and I want to see them and for others to see them.

So in an ideal world I would just show someome my work when they want to know about them.

As far as inspiration goes I feel I’ve painted for long enough now, to know how much better life is when i'm painting. So I draw upon this experience to inspire me to continue painting. If i'm not feeling great, or if lifes getting a bit mundane and losing it's magic I know I need to start painting again. So lack of magic in my daily life becomes an inspiration. On the flipside, when i’m in a flow, or when everything’s awesome, my abiltity to cognise ideas are way higher and i’m constantly seeing elements that I want to paint around me everywhere. I see strange anthropomorphic characters in trees, I see faces in floor tiles and there are always so many weird elements in shadows. I see the magic and want to spread it around.

Do you have any rituals or ways to help you get into the creative zone?

M: I like to set up my space with a good playlist, some nice incense, good lighting and plenty of refreshments. Once the vibe has been set, I like to sit down, eyes closed and call in whatever it is I need at the time. I ask for guidance, assistance, inspiration and motivation “I’m here, i’m ready. This is a great opportunity to make something really awesome. Lets do it”.

I don’t think it matters who or what you are talking to, but just to merely take the time to centre yourself and voicing your intentions internally or outloud is a great place to start.

Who’s your favourite artist or band that you’re listening to at the moment?

M: Spotify has been a game changer! I particularly love the mixes it creates for you, and have found so many great new artists. Currently loving Tinariwen, Otis Redding, Willie Watson, The Eels, Son Little

When you want to escape the daily grind where’s your go to place?

M: I love travelling. Any time we can, we love to jet off somewhere. Bali always holds a special place in our hearts as we lived there for a few years and Ziggy was born there. It definitely feels like a second home and a great place to escape the winter.

We interviewed your partner Jasson who is a pro free surfer but also runs mediation courses, how do you balance being a supportive partner, a parent and your own career as an artist?

M: Some days our life seems crazy; trying to meet deadlines, chase swells, run meditation courses and raising 2 wild little boys as well as have some time out for ourselves. Some weeks it is really challenging and some weeks we are coasting, but we always seem to get out the other end. We’re both really passionate about what we do, but we are always really supportive of one another and will do our best to prioritise what’s most important at any given day/time and work around it.

Describe your ‘perfect' modern utopia.....

M: I could say a beautiful timber and glass house with views over the ocean, a sandstone artist cottage, morning sun streaming in the windows, spanish guitars playing themselves on the lawn, eagles flying in the sky, horses running through the fields under beaming double raimbows, Jas and I levitating around.. but it all sounds too perfect, too peaceful.. so then add in our 2 kids who are noisy, wild and unpredictable.. Not everyone’s idea of perfect, but there’s a certain amount of chaos i’ve come to love and couldn’t live without.

To see more of Mia’s life follow her on Insta @miaeatswolves