Meet The Designer

11TH MAY 2017


If you appreciate the atmosphere of a space as much as its aesthetic, we understand completely. In order for your home to feel like a sanctuary, it can't just be about how it looks - it's about how it feels. That's why lifestyle brand Addition Studio takes a holistic approach to the home, encompassing everything from furniture to fragrance. Just in case that wasn't enough, they've also designed a line of luxurious body scrubs and bath brews made from natural and organic ingredients.

To celebrate the launch of Addition Studio in David Jones, we spoke to founder Ryan Hanrahan about design, wellbeing and the art of the daily ritual.

Your website describes you as a skilled daydreamer. Are all Addition Studio products the result of your own reflections?

Yep, all the pieces are a result of constant drawings and sketches of utopian spaces and the objects that fill them. All the pieces in our collections come from my own personal obsessions with daily rituals. I am a bath addict; I am always diffusing essential Oils and burning incense.

What was the inspiration behind your company?

I come from a graphic arts background, and gradually become more interested in object design. In 2010 I basically just started making all the ideas I had been thinking about. I have always been interested in wellness, health and natural therapies, so the brand has gradually evolved to include premium designer pieces with these themes as their core inspiration.

What differentiates Addition Studio from other home and lifestyle brands?

We create the whole story. We focus not only on creating therapeutic essential oils, but also on the actual oil diffusers and their design. We design and make the treatments and organic therapies, as well as the apparatus, and even the furniture and lighting which sets as the backdrop to these products.

Your background is largely in furniture and object design, and yet your ritual collection also has a strong focus on scents. What role do you think fragrance plays in our everyday rituals?

Fragrance is such an important part of daily life, and daily happiness in particular. Smell is the only sense which is linked directly to the emotional cortex of the brain, which is why scents tend to evoke such strong memories and emotions.

A lot of time goes into creating scents which offer some kind of daily benefit. For example our Essential Oils - which we created for use in our Oil Burner series, are all labelled with symbols only, instead of words or names. For example the Upper Oil, which has a graphic of an upward pointing arrow on the front, is designed to lift you up. It is a fresh invigorating scent.

You studied Fine Arts at university, how has this influenced the brand's aesthetic?

All our objects are quite sculptural in their design. For me the object needs to look balanced and beautiful aesthetically as well as being functional.

Is there a particular art or design movement that inspires the look of your products?

Minimalism, Brutalism and a whole lot of plants are my key inspirations.

What does your dream home look like?

A formed concrete bunker in a forest overlooking the beach, which has an indoor outdoor garden and a gigantic bathroom equipped with sauna and plunge pool.