Jasson Salisbury, The Art Of No Routine

1ST AUG 2017


Splitting his time between his native home Australia and Bali, as a professional free surfer, Jasson Salisbury spends a lot of time on the road. Besides surfing, Jasson teaches mediation and has number of other creative pursuits. He juggles all this with being a committed partner to artist Mia Taninaka and a father to their two sons.

Self described student of life, Jasson talks us through letting go of routine and expectations to enjoy a more fulfilling life and a deeper connection to the things that really matter.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

J: Father, surfer, traveller, meditation teacher, student of life

Describe your daily routine, and the one daily ritual you can’t live without?

J: Routine is not really a word I would use to describe the way my days seem to play out at this current phase of life. Just when I think I’ve got a routine figured out, some new teeth emerge from my youngest sons face and rip holes in it. I have certain activities that I fit into the day, but there is definitely no specific order or time for each of them.

Once upon a time I had a fairly routined existence, and I do in some way look forward to finding it again, but for now I’m doing what ever I can, whenever I can, to ground myself as I spin in the willy willy of life. Every morning I do a few things to help cleanse and purify my body. I scrape my tongue, brush my teeth and drink a large amount of water with a pre prepared salt solution called (solé), followed shortly after by a hot lemon ginger or Tumeric tea. Thats the simple time efficient version that I elaborate upon when needed.

I get in the ocean nearly every day, not every day, but I do make it a priority. A sprint and a split second dunking is all it takes somedays, if the waters looking clean I drink a bit. I'm taking some of that goodness with me. I meditate every day and I try to read/study something new. I actually find my instagram feed to be a good source of quick “learn something new” content, and it helps me justify wasting time on it. If a quick scroll inspires further inquiry into a new subject then it wasn’t a complete waste of energy. Most days end with telling a story to my son, it's a consistent opportunity to be creative and reconnect with childhood magic, a ritual I’ve come to love and respect. The one ritual I can’t live without.. Kissing and cuddling my family. If I’m away from them, then I do it in consciousness. The challenges in life can pull us away from these simple acts of love. I find this ritual to be extremely powerful because you connect with that source of love within and project it upon these lunatics I live with.

You’re a professional free surfer and that involves a lot of travel right? How do you find balance when you’re on the road so much?

J: Balance on the road has been a huge challenge for me over the years. What I have come to realise is that to achieve balance on the road you have to be willing to let go of preferences. The preconceived plan of how you will maintain balance can be the one thing that creates a lack of flow and ultimately a strain in your life on the road. The beautiful gift of travel is the way it cultivates adaptability. Things can go wrong on the road and it can be hard work, but overcoming these challenges is what makes for a memorable and productive journey. I don’t want my activities to restrict my movements in life, I want them to do the opposite. So in the fast moving landscape of travel I simplify my balancing act to include only one thing, Meditation. It can take added discipline to maintain when you're traveling, but if I do this, I have no problems letting go of everything else and finding flow. The people I’m with, the place I’m at, the food, the waves, the weather. All these things traverse the full spectrum of experience, from Amazing to Horrible and as long as I meditate regularly I can see the best in it all and come home stoked by the experience.

You also run a mediation course, tell about how you came to learn mediation and how it’s impacted your life?

J: I got my hands on some simple guided meditation tapes (actual tapes) in an attempt to stall a rising sensation of anxiety that was creeping into my life. My headspace at the time was no good, I generally lacked motivation and inspiration, I was feeling limited by so many different factors that seemed to be fixed in place and I couldn’t shake myself out of the cloud of negative thoughts that had settled in. so I started using the tapes.

The tapes got me interested in meditation and around the same time a good friend of mine went and learnt Vedic Meditation. He was having amazing results with his practice and got me psyched to jump on board. It took a while before I finally committed to learning, but when I did it was a complete game changer for me. Its been 10 years since I learnt and I can in all honesty say that all the goodness I've experienced between then and now has come to me through the door that meditation opens for me each day. All the limitations that I had felt before learning began to dissolve and new exciting opportunities emerged and continue to emerge even more frequently to this day. Challenges keep coming but I feel more confident to step up and face them and with each success comes a wave of happiness greater than before. This life just gets better and better.

You also have a lovely partner Mia and two kids, how do you balance family with the demands of running your own business and training for competitions?

J: I feel so lucky to be in a situation where I get to spend as much time with my family as I do, Mia and I both work from home so we're always together as a family. As lovely as this is, it definitely makes getting things done a challenge. We both worked from home before kids entered the equation and even then I found myself surrounded by distractions and opportunities to delay work, but kids in the mix is a whole different thing. All parents working from home 'I salute you'! its the dream and the curse. Late nights are the standard fall back plan because daytime is absorbed by the little people, they feed on the energy that is required to get work done and you can’t hide it from them, as soon as a trickle of motivation comes beading from your brow they eat it and chase it to the source, so I don’t even try. We do shift work, if Mia has a more pressing deadline then I’m on dad duty and vice versa. We remove them from the house and go exploring so the other one can focus/cram. The other curve ball in our current situation is surfing, the ocean, weather and wave quality doesn’t play fair with our shift work schedule. When the waves are good the night shift work hours come into play more than ever and we all battle fatigue. Between Mia and I we have a bunch of different streams of income so trying to balance them all with equal attention is key. I’m blessed to have Surfing fall under one of those streams of income, but if I feed that one stream and ignore the others the river dries up. So we work as a team, Mia and I, to make sure all sources are nourished and receive sufficient attention.

What are you reading right now?

J: Im currently studying 'unified science' through an online delegates program with the resonance academy. Which means all my spare reading time is dedicated to articles on modern physics and then Unified field theory.

Complete mind boggle for my un-sciencey mind to comprehend but I’m enjoying the challenge. Its nice to read some cutting edge science that shares the same world view of the ancient spiritual teachings in the East.

Its opening me up to a whole new world of language and ideas.

What’s your favourite overseas destination and why?

J: Its so hard to pick a favourite. Ive got such a strong bond with Bali after living there for 4 years. My Son Ziggy was born there so the place is surrounded by a number of very special memories that come flooding back when I step of the plane. Its busy and touristy but also deeply quiet and still, I feel very at peace in the balmy atmosphere of Bali. Every time I go back I find something new and exciting. Waves, food, temples, this place has an abundance of each in the highest quality. It is my lazy option forsure. It doesn’t challenge me as much as other places due to being familiar with all the basic necessities , everything is really easy and nice from the moment i get there. There are still so many places in Indonesia that I haven’t seen and Bali has become a good base camp from which I can venture to unknown Indo, which is immensely large when you start zooming in on little reef passes and villages. I don’t think I will move back there for an extended time but I will continue to travel there.

Morocco, Chile, Sri Lanka and India have also been memorable locations that I would like to return to.

Describe your ‘perfect' modern utopia......

J: An ocean in the mountains with a wave that starts as a left wedge, reforms into a sand bottom point and reforms again into a little right point for Ziggy (who I think is a natural footer) before crumbling into rock pools for Taro to play in. Our house is beach front, but due to the higher altitude of this ocean it feels and looks like a tropical mountain house. Its surrounded by rich fertile land and an abundance of wild non-Hybrid foods that sustain themselves, the animals, my family and all our friends who live near-by. A pristine spring fed creek infused with a tea produced from the medicinal plants that line its shores trickles year round. My surfboard is made from a high density foam product that is extracted from the seaweed that grows in abundance along the shores, this foam becomes completely malleable when placed next to a campfire allowing for new ideas to take form through slight pressure and movement of the hand. Everyone gathers by the fire each night to unravel the mysteries of the universe and alter their surf craft. We drink mind expanding elixirs from the herbs that grow in the forest and communicate with our ancestors, listen to their stories and share them with the children. Surfing all day is highly respected, In fact it is respected beyond all other activities and proven to be the gateway to immortality.

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