We meet the girls, Nicole + Clare of the newly opened skincare and wellness store, FENN (our stockist too!) in leafy Paddington, NSW. 

Nestled under the umbrella of trees on Glenmore road you’ll find FENN hiding in the dappled winter light.

FENN offers an array of bespoke facials customised according to your skin needs + we love the different elements and textures of the soothing space they have created, not to mention their holistic approach to skincare, and the power of using natural ingredients in their treatments and everyday lifestyle. Addition is proud to sit alongside a beautifully curated selection of some of our favourite brands.

We ask the Nicole + Clare how to create a calm atmosphere and about their favourite Addition Studios products!

What is your approach to self care?

C. It’s essential to help you feel energised and motivated. Self-care comes in many different shapes and sizes. Giving myself a beautiful treatment either at home or at Fenn, sitting down to read (not on my phone!), having a glass of wine at the end of the day. The notion of giving back to yourself sometimes is what matters. Do things that make you feel happy and calm. 

Do you have any rituals to create a calm atmosphere at home + work?

C. A sparkling clean home is the best way to create a calm atmosphere for me. It’s  imperative I start the week with a declutter, freshly sun-dried sheets, lighting a beautiful incense, currently enjoying Addition Studios Lemon Myrtle & Bluegum, or adding a fresh bunch of flowers to my home. If I can accomplish all of those things I am absolutely winning. A vision of zen. 

You offer so many beautiful treatments. What is your go-to for the ultimate unwind?

C. I love Omnilux Light Therapy, either on its own or during a facial treatment. To me, it’s when I feel my most centred and calm. It’s like a meditation, you can’t look at your phone, you don’t speak to anyone, you’re completely alone – in the best way! I always feel mentally rejuvenated and calm plus my skin is glowing afterwards, as it reaps the benefits of light stimulation and collagen synthesis. 

Favourite Addition Studio product and how do you use it or why?

N. The Asteroid Oil Burner is so beautiful. We use these at FENN to gently scent the space and I love lighting one at home at the end of the day to wind down.

Do you have a favourite place in nature?

By the ocean. In the blur of having a baby and starting a new business, I’ve missed it almost without realising. Even growing up in the Blue Mountains, I’ve always had a strong connection to the coast…It simultaneously calms and energises me. 

Do you have a playlist you listen to, to help you get in the zone?

I do! This one.

We curate a very intentional playlist for our spaces at FENN. The retail and decompression spaces are fun and sophisticated. The treatment spaces are very calm and very direct. We like clients to be aware of music in the space, but for it to fall away as the treatment gets going. 

Store design by Akin Atelier.

Images by Terence Chin.

You can find FENN at 24 Glenmore Road, Paddington NSW or shop or online here.