Conversations with the Colourblind Florist

molecular vase by addition studio - travertine vase -adjustable vase design by addition studio - multipurpose furniture - designer homewares

Photo by Fernando Miranda and creative by The Colourblind Florist featuring our new Molecular Vase in travertine.

Could you run us through your morning ritual?

Mornings usually start at 3:45am when I get up, brush my teeth, feed my fish and head to Sydney flower market, stopping at 7/11 for a glorious $2 coffee. Once I arrive it’s all systems go as I try to find that special element, whether it be a delicate rare orchid or an especially juicy bunch of Lilac.

This energy and excitement kick starts my day. From there it’s back to the studio for the second coffee and to go through the haul and carefully prepare every stem for the days work.

Photo by the Colourblind Florist.

What is your start point for each arrangement and do you have any tips for people trying to create their own?

I am very influenced by the natural world. Not only by botanical elements but more the physical natural landscape that surrounds us.

Instead of making an arrangement, I’ll aim to make a mountain range, or a river bed, a coral reef, a peninsular or archipelago. This not only gives my work a narrative but it also gives me a personal connection to the work as it is usually taken from personal experience or trip.

I also tend to work more with interesting textures as a result of my colourblindness. Focusing on form shape and texture and not worrying so much about the use of busy colours

molecular vase - travertine vase addition studio - limestone cave - flower arrangement

Photo by Fernando Miranda and creative by The Colourblind Florist featuring our new Molecular Vase.

designer home decor - travertine vase by addition studio - molecular vase

Photo by the Colourblind Florist

What are you currently drawn to right now for this season?

Coming into spring summer the floral choices are off the charts. Im always looking for rare orchid varieties but at the moment Lilac is a huge draw card for me, as well as tree peonies and heliconias. Ive also seen some passionfruit flowers starting to emerge, as my favourite flower I’m also on the look out! Picked my first this morning!

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