Our Ingredients

H MAY 2017



Using local & organic produce contributes to a better world, while a relaxed, healthy mind contributes to a positive collective psyche.

We're pretty proud to say that all of our Ritual products and treatments are blended by hand in Australia using all natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible. Meaning you can relax when you're using our products because we have no artificial colours, fragrances, glycols, parabens, mineral oils or sodium laureth sulfates. Yay.

Tested on humans, most of our products are vegan-friendly. AND we always make sure to clearly label if not!


We don’t muck around at Addition Studio, so you won’t find any useless ingredients in our treatments. Everything we put in has a purpose and is there to help you relax, detox, cleanse, heal or just generally improve your life.

So what’s in some of our most popular products?


The Milk Bath Brew, probably the most favourite of our Bath Treatments, contains ingredients such as Lavender botanicals, know for it’s calming and antiviral properties, and Organic Raw Cacao Butter, which is one of the richest sources of antioxidants known to man and is able to penetrate the skin at cellular level delivering moisture where it counts.

Other key ingredients found in all of our Bath Brews are; Epson salts, which provide relaxation to the nervous system as well as curing skin problems and healing wounds, and Australian Goats Milk Powder, which, with the same PH level as human skin, and rich in Vitamins A+ D, strengthens and adds suppleness to the skin.

Another favorite, the Chai Bath Brew, contains some pretty awesome ingredients.

Witch Hazel Leaves create a tonic that strengthens and tightens the skin and Rosehip, a real super hero ingredient, is high in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C & K, providing a multitude of remedial benefits.


Our Bath Treatments also contain some pretty impressive ingredients

Australian White Clay, used across all the soaks, offers deep detoxification leaving the skin clean and harmonious Calendula Flower featured in the Osmosis Bath Soak is anti inflammatory and has even been know to help treat spider veins, bruises and swelling

Particles in Chaos Bath Scrub and Soak, with the combination of Organic Coffee Arabica and Coconut Refined Oil, exfoliates, energises and moisturises simultaneously.



Using only pure essential oils, without any artificial fragrances, we mix our blends to suit all your emotional needs

Centre, containing pure lavender oil, helps to reduce anxiety and emotional stress

Downer contains a mix of Rose, Vanilla, Cedar Wood Atlas, Orange Sweet, Palmarosa & Lavender Bulgaria, all of which are known for their calming and relaxing benefits

Upper, containing Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon and Cedar Wood Oil creates a fresh scent which immediately lifts you up. It's also great to use as a head steam when you have the flu.




Meet The Designer

11TH MAY 2017


If you appreciate the atmosphere of a space as much as its aesthetic, we understand completely. In order for your home to feel like a sanctuary, it can't just be about how it looks - it's about how it feels. That's why lifestyle brand Addition Studio takes a holistic approach to the home, encompassing everything from furniture to fragrance. Just in case that wasn't enough, they've also designed a line of luxurious body scrubs and bath brews made from natural and organic ingredients.

To celebrate the launch of Addition Studio in David Jones, we spoke to founder Ryan Hanrahan about design, wellbeing and the art of the daily ritual.

Your website describes you as a skilled daydreamer. Are all Addition Studio products the result of your own reflections?

Yep, all the pieces are a result of constant drawings and sketches of utopian spaces and the objects that fill them. All the pieces in our collections come from my own personal obsessions with daily rituals. I am a bath addict; I am always diffusing essential Oils and burning incense.

What was the inspiration behind your company?

I come from a graphic arts background, and gradually become more interested in object design. In 2010 I basically just started making all the ideas I had been thinking about. I have always been interested in wellness, health and natural therapies, so the brand has gradually evolved to include premium designer pieces with these themes as their core inspiration.

What differentiates Addition Studio from other home and lifestyle brands?

We create the whole story. We focus not only on creating therapeutic essential oils, but also on the actual oil diffusers and their design. We design and make the treatments and organic therapies, as well as the apparatus, and even the furniture and lighting which sets as the backdrop to these products.

Your background is largely in furniture and object design, and yet your ritual collection also has a strong focus on scents. What role do you think fragrance plays in our everyday rituals?

Fragrance is such an important part of daily life, and daily happiness in particular. Smell is the only sense which is linked directly to the emotional cortex of the brain, which is why scents tend to evoke such strong memories and emotions.

A lot of time goes into creating scents which offer some kind of daily benefit. For example our Essential Oils - which we created for use in our Oil Burner series, are all labelled with symbols only, instead of words or names. For example the Upper Oil, which has a graphic of an upward pointing arrow on the front, is designed to lift you up. It is a fresh invigorating scent.

You studied Fine Arts at university, how has this influenced the brand's aesthetic?

All our objects are quite sculptural in their design. For me the object needs to look balanced and beautiful aesthetically as well as being functional.

Is there a particular art or design movement that inspires the look of your products?

Minimalism, Brutalism and a whole lot of plants are my key inspirations.

What does your dream home look like?

A formed concrete bunker in a forest overlooking the beach, which has an indoor outdoor garden and a gigantic bathroom equipped with sauna and plunge pool.



Our Favourite Wellness Retreats

2ND MAY 2017


Since visiting Urnatur in Sweden a few years ago, we have been obsessed with Wellness retreats. The perfect way to relax, rejuvenate & reset, it's definitely a must for anyone seeking an escape from the daily grind or some TLC for the soul. Our favourites are ones that offer a connection to nature, with amazing natural settings, combined with intelligent design & a holistic wellness focus.



Nature is key to help the mind unwind and the body relax, and this is definitely a big focus for this retreat, who's slogan is 'Urnatur: You are Nature'. Nestled deep in the Swedish forest, the owners built the whole retreat from hand from the surrounding trees. Here you can relax in your forest hut, and spend the day rotating between the sauna and the cold flush showers. Most of the food is grown on the property, and the highlight for us was the fresh Birch water, tapped from the surrounding trees. After a week travelling through Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen this was the perfect place to stop and recover.




Located on the South Island of New Zealand, Aro Hā is just 40 minutes drive from Queenstown, but with breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu and mountain ranges for as far as the eye can see, once you get there you feel like you are miles away from anywhere. The retreats is all about zen inspired luxury, and creating a more sustainable way of living that is in harmony with the planet. This retreat really has it all, with amazing views and facilities, a whole foods vegetarian menu, alpine hiking, spa therapy, daily massage, yoga, integrated mindfulness practices, and un-cooking classes - there is little to disappoint.



Combining the legendary powers of the Vals thermal springs with unique and award wining architecture, this retreat is one for design lovers and wellness seekers alike. The highly mineralized water of the natural spring has attracted visitors to the spa for more than 100 years. In 1996 architect Peter Zumthor set out to create a new design for the spa/baths to pre date the existing hotel complex. The idea was to create a cave or quarry like structure. Working with the natural surroundings the baths lie below a grass roof structure half buried into the hillside. Built from layer upon layer of locally quarried Valser Quarzite slabs, the stone became the driving inspiration for the design. The baths design has since been acclaimed by leading architecture critics worldwide. Offering 5 star accommodation including a unique collection of rooms designed by renowned architects, and with rates including helicopter transfer, this one is all about pampering yourself!



David Jones: April Launch



We're excited to announce that Addition Studio products are now available at David Jones.

Located in the beauty department, you can now find a huge range of our collection across all major cities in Australia.

We are also thrilled to be featured in David Jones' new magazine, Jones, where Ryan chats to the team about about design, wellbeing and the art of daily ritual.

Check out the article online at the Jones blog.




4TH MARCH 2016


We are frequenters of the NSW South Coast, which is Ryan’s motherland, so we often are driving south from Sydney and through the town of Berry – which is our usual coffee stopover.

However last weekend, we had good reason to hang around. The talented Lisa Madigan Invited Ryan and myself to spend some time at her divine little Cottage in Kangaroo Valley.

After a pretty stressful week, the Friday afternoon drive out of Sydney was bumper to bumper (typical of Sydney), it was rainy and hot. Needless to say, I was not feeling my best. However as soon as we took a right turn towards Kangaroo Valley, past Berry, my stress evaporated (this coincided with my phone being turned off). The windy, hot roads were steaming from rain that had just come down, The foliage thickened and the air felt more dense with oxygen. I gave what felt like the first genuine exhale of the week, and my body relaxed into what would be a nourishing weekend of sleep, multiple baths, and a diet of eggs on toast and filter coffee.

The following day was spent mainly submerged (in a bath) whilst is rained outside, with a few coffee / snack breaks at The General – a café / restaurant in Kangaroo Valley I highly recommend (they serve a Single Origin filter coffee to be reckoned with).

We ate dinner that evening at Hungry Duck (I’m still drooling over the Tumeric Wagu Beef curry), and snooped around in our favorite Berry retail space, Roots & Wings.

I finished a book at picked up at Chrissy but just couldn’t seem to get back to - The Golden Finch, Donna Tartt – for which I share a few of my favorite snippets below.

Overall Kangaroo Valley, has my vote. It is lush, quaint and character filled.

We will most definitely be back soon.




Monocle Magazine / Object Lessons

1ST MARCH 2016


This month Monocle Magazine has an issue based entirely on the sunburnt land we call Australia.

It was an honor to be included in the Design Lessons section, amongst some of our favorite Aussie designers.

We also had a chat with Liam Aldous for Section D / Monocle 24 Podcast. You can download and listen to the interview HERE.



Side Project / Music For Your Eyes

29TH FEB 2016


In August 2015, we put together a small group show exhibition / retail space in conjunction with Sydney In Design.

The show featured the work of object designers, artists and craftsmen & women from around Australian.

While the work was diverse the common thread was a thirst for exploration within each designers realm.

We, Pg33, worked on a small collection of wares we entitled Tactile Equations, in which we used variations cut forms from one of our favorite materials, Australian Blue Stone.


The show was held at The Stables in Surry Hills and ran over 4 days.

Pre and post show coverage for the various artists involved was immense.

Wallpaper expert “One of this year's not-to-be-missed happenings was 'Side Project'; a slickly-produced exhibition/retail pop-up which saw some of Australia's brightest design talents unite to present new limited edition pieces.”

Side Project also appeared on DezeenSight UnseenYatzer & local media included Yen & Broadsheet.


Artists involved included: Johnathan ZawadaPorcelain Bear , Henry WilsonSarah KTin & EdBrown CardiganHayden ShapesLynes & Co

You can download the full catalog HERE

Show partners: Santa Vittoria, Batlow Cider, …. Gin

Side Project on Instagram

Looking forward to the 2016 show