Introducing New Age Hippie Shit

25TH SEP 2017


The latest instalment in our iconic Ritual Series is - New Age Hippie Shit - a fun fresh look at creating a new earth army of healthy, positive and modern Utopians.

We offer an alternative way to live without giving up on style, comfort & modern luxuries.

Our iconic Ritual series always features a mix of objects for the home and studio as well as a range of body & bath treatments and natural fragrances. With products such as Oil Burners, Body Scrubs, Candles and hand blended Essential Oils - we are 'Designer Wellness'. We believe you can create a calm, healthy and creative existence by performing daily rituals which nourish your mind and body. Obsessed with the Art of Ritual - we are creating the Modern Utopia

With the launch of New Age Hippie Shit we’ve updated some of our most popular products, including the Synergy Oil Diffuser, with exciting colour ways and finishes. We’ve also added some fresh new products. Such as The Marble Dumbbell - the most stylish of all Gym accessories - and Crystal Packs. Crystals are thought to possess many healing powers, but are also a great tool for intention setting. We believe that the daily ritual of setting your intentions is a powerful positive force, and a great way to bring attention to your goals. To be able to accomplish something you must first be able to imagine it. 

Inside the new collection we’ve also launched a whole new line titled - Australian Native Series. Drawing on inspiration and memories of camp fire stories, scents of florals bursting in spring, the colour palette of the Australian landscape, and research and ancient Indigenous remedies and knowledge, we have created a range of products which reflect the Australian environment.




Introducing Addition Studio

25TH SEP 2017


We're super excited to announce that we recently changed our brand name from Page Thirty Three to ADDITION STUDIO.

It's with a touch of sadness that we let go of our old name Page Thirty Three - it was big part of the spark that launched our first collection in 2010. However over the course of our seven year brand evolution it's time for a name that better reflects our current direction, ethos and product offering.

ADDITION STUDIO’S logo is a fun fresh tweak on a First Aid Sign which links to our Designer Wellness component. The word ADDITION is reflective of adding to a space and the word STUDIO expresses that we are a multifaceted design studio also producing furniture and lighting.

ADDITION STUDIO envisage a life where refined design, a healthy lifestyle and a clear mind come together seamlessly. We believe you can create a calm, healthy and creative existence by performing daily rituals which nourish the mind and body. Synthesising popular culture, health and wellbeing, ancient ritual, sculptural aesthetic and modern art through the prism of utility - we create the modern Utopia.




Mia Taninaka, Living Creatively

1ST AUG 2017


Last week we brought you a small snippet into the world of professional free surfer and self described student of life Jasson Sailbury. Because we just can’t get enough of hearing about the amazing life they've built together, we're bringing you even more of that, through the eyes of his other half Mia Taninaka. A well-known artist, mother & dreamy instagrammer - she is pretty inspirational in her own right.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

M: Artist, mother, lover, sister, creator and designer.. in no particular order.
I live in the NSW Northern Rivers region with my partner, Jasson, and our 2 young boys, Ziggy and Taro. We’ve curated a pretty awesome life for ourselves up here. Good weather, great food, wonderful friends, beautiful beaches and surrounded by an amazing concious community. There’s plenty of daily inspiration to fuel the fire, and plenty of downtime too.

Describe your daily routine, and the one daily ritual you can’t live without?

M: On a dream day, I start off with my morning meditation and move slowly through breakfast and a cup of chai before heading off into the day with 2 kids in tow.
However, on most days i’m lucky to get my morning meditation in let alone breakfast before i’m out the door running late for whatever activity I have planned with the kids!

Vedic Meditation is my lifeline, I definitely notice the difference when I haven’t been meditating regularly. When i’m regular, life flows and nothing seems too overwhelming. I feel inspired, motivated, creative and balanced.

You’re a well known artist, tell us about your work and your inspirations?

M: its a funny question and quite a difficult thing for me to answer. When people ask me about my work i’m often stumped. I never say this to people too directly as it can come across sounding a bit rude, but if I was good at using my voice or words to describe things, I probably wouldn't paint. I feel like I have these things inside me and in my mind and I want to see them and for others to see them.

So in an ideal world I would just show someome my work when they want to know about them.

As far as inspiration goes I feel I’ve painted for long enough now, to know how much better life is when i'm painting. So I draw upon this experience to inspire me to continue painting. If i'm not feeling great, or if lifes getting a bit mundane and losing it's magic I know I need to start painting again. So lack of magic in my daily life becomes an inspiration. On the flipside, when i’m in a flow, or when everything’s awesome, my abiltity to cognise ideas are way higher and i’m constantly seeing elements that I want to paint around me everywhere. I see strange anthropomorphic characters in trees, I see faces in floor tiles and there are always so many weird elements in shadows. I see the magic and want to spread it around.

Do you have any rituals or ways to help you get into the creative zone?

M: I like to set up my space with a good playlist, some nice incense, good lighting and plenty of refreshments. Once the vibe has been set, I like to sit down, eyes closed and call in whatever it is I need at the time. I ask for guidance, assistance, inspiration and motivation “I’m here, i’m ready. This is a great opportunity to make something really awesome. Lets do it”.

I don’t think it matters who or what you are talking to, but just to merely take the time to centre yourself and voicing your intentions internally or outloud is a great place to start.

Who’s your favourite artist or band that you’re listening to at the moment?

M: Spotify has been a game changer! I particularly love the mixes it creates for you, and have found so many great new artists. Currently loving Tinariwen, Otis Redding, Willie Watson, The Eels, Son Little

When you want to escape the daily grind where’s your go to place?

M: I love travelling. Any time we can, we love to jet off somewhere. Bali always holds a special place in our hearts as we lived there for a few years and Ziggy was born there. It definitely feels like a second home and a great place to escape the winter.

We interviewed your partner Jasson who is a pro free surfer but also runs mediation courses, how do you balance being a supportive partner, a parent and your own career as an artist?

M: Some days our life seems crazy; trying to meet deadlines, chase swells, run meditation courses and raising 2 wild little boys as well as have some time out for ourselves. Some weeks it is really challenging and some weeks we are coasting, but we always seem to get out the other end. We’re both really passionate about what we do, but we are always really supportive of one another and will do our best to prioritise what’s most important at any given day/time and work around it.

Describe your ‘perfect' modern utopia.....

M: I could say a beautiful timber and glass house with views over the ocean, a sandstone artist cottage, morning sun streaming in the windows, spanish guitars playing themselves on the lawn, eagles flying in the sky, horses running through the fields under beaming double raimbows, Jas and I levitating around.. but it all sounds too perfect, too peaceful.. so then add in our 2 kids who are noisy, wild and unpredictable.. Not everyone’s idea of perfect, but there’s a certain amount of chaos i’ve come to love and couldn’t live without.

To see more of Mia’s life follow her on Insta @miaeatswolves




Lotte Barnes And Lia Belle King, Luck Rewards The Brave

1ST AUG 2017


Lotte Barnes and Lia-Belle King are two of the most inspiring women we know. Meeting at a time in their life when they we’re both ready for change, they left their respective careers to pursue a journey of travel & self discovery. Ultimately it resulted in the creation of the business Worn, which they run together, a relocation out of Sydney to the Byron Bay Hinterlands and starting a family together. Change can be scary, but Lotte and Lia-Belle can definitely vouch that it’s worth the risk!

Please tell us a little about who you are and what you do?

Lotte: Lia-Belle and I are business partners and life partners. We own and run Worn, a furniture, and lifestyle brand, and are parents to our three- month-old daughter Ophelia and one year old doggo Gray. We live in Clunes in the Byron Bay Hinterland and run our business from our office and boutique in Bangalow, as well as our home office. Worn as a brand includes several aspects. Starting with the furniture products and clothing we design and manufacture, to the logistics of importing and exporting furniture around the globe, and the management of our online store. We also have a side arm where we wholesale a selection of products as well as custom make pieces to customers specific designs or requests. Then there’s the boutique in Bangalow which doubles as a showroom for our Worn range, but is also a curation of objects from artists, designers, and brands that we admire. When stocking external brands we focus on their ethical integrity, that they are owned and run by women and that they offer something that compliments the existing themes currently running through the business. We’re dedicated to running our business in a very personable manner, Worn is a direct reflection of who we are after all. We’re both hands-on with every aspect of the business and if you email Worn, you will be emailing us directly. Worn is a harmonious business in that is it an extension of our day-today life and not separate from it. Orders, emails, enquiries and production all happen over breakfast, whilst we sip tea on the verandah, in the car and at the table at the end of the day with a glass of red wine in hand. Running the business this way ensures we can maintain a healthy balance of home and work life whilst co-parenting. From the outside I think we appear to be larger than we actually are. In reality it’s just the two of us, negotiating the running of this business with both trying to be the best people, parents and business owners that we can be.

You both left your respective careers to pursue travel and self- discovery, what prompted the decision and how did you work up the courage to actually go ahead with it!

Lia-Belle: Lotte and I came together at a point in our lives where we were both ready for change. Change where our careers were heading and challenge ourselves by deciding what kind of life do we really want to be living, regardless of work. We’d both been in our respective industries for over ten years and were getting close to burn-out so we decided to take a few months hiatus and travel to Bali, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Within two weeks of leaving Australia we decided not to go back. To love overseas and pursue one year of self discovery, healing and growth. During this time we created Worn. Making the decision not to return to Australia was very easy. In fact it was the easiest ‘big decision’ either of us have ever made. The fear of letting go far outweighed the fear of returning to the same life and I suppose we both dedicated ourselves to living the best life we could, and put that idea at the forefront of everything we were doing. Luck rewards the brave and I remember sitting in a café in Indonesia and verbalising where I want to be in five years time and the both of us deciding, ‘well let’s work to that’. Let’s change our priorities and make our quality of life the focus and design work around that (not the other way around). I think so many people are so scared of not receiving their paycheck on the same day every month, and the fear of not having something ‘safe’, money, property they own whatever, keeps them from really living the way they want to be living. And for what…to have money in the bank in case of an emergency. Security. I suppose we wanted to challenge that. To prove you can have both. You can have freedom and money in the bank if you’re smart, work hard, and become a little more brave.

Tell us a little bit about the business you run together - WORN? How did the idea come about?

Lia-Belle: Lotte and I met through work and gradually we started to neglect our independent business projects for projects we could both contribute to. By the time we left Australia we were working together on everything, from advertising campaign strategies, to runway show productions and it all happened very organically. We brought out the best in each other and challenged each others ideas and pushed each other professional limits at the same time.

Lotte: Worn is from very humble beginnings. We were in Bali sourcing for furniture for our villa and we found an incredible artisan who we worked with to have a chair made. This was to be the SLING chair. Lia-Belle posted the chair on her instagram and over night she had people wanting to buy one. So we took the risk, invested into the chairs, shipped them to Australia and haven't looked back. The start of Worn wasn’t intentional or strategic, in all honesty it’s been very fly-by- the-seat- of your-pants. The early growth of the business happened so rapidly it was difficult to manage but now, two years in and the growth has continued at a steady rate but so too has our ability to handle it. At the moment our biggest problem is being able to keep up with the demand for our pieces, which isn’t such a bad problem to have so early on in the game.

What’s one daily ritual you can’t live without?

Lotte: Most mornings we rise early after baby-induced sleepless night. Around 7am I get up wiith Opi and leave Lia in bed to rest. I make a cup of tea to go, rug Opi and I up and head outside. We first let the chickens out, then we walk...Opi, Gray & I. We set off to see the morning and get lost in the hundreds of sounds around us. I've been doing insta-stories as images don’t quite capture the sound and the true light that pours around us. I also like that I get to share this amazing part of the world with others and as strange as it is, I know it brings calmness to a lot of people to watch. 
I throw a stick for Gray, tell Opi about the trees that she looks up to and tell her things about the world until she falls asleep on me.
 It's our time together, our ritual, our walking meditation that brings us back to nature, roots us into the earth and just makes me damn happy and endlessly grateful that this is my home and I get to be here with my great little loves. That, as well as Meditation – as I’m also currently studying to become a Vedic Teacher, my daily practice is a ritual I love and dearly appreciate.

Lia-Belle: My morning coffee. I inherited my father's old stove top Atomic espresso machine and it’s tricky and time-consuming to use, but makes the best coffee. The timing of all the elements from the water boil, the coffee dispersion and milk foaming have to be just right and you need to pay attention to make a good coffee from this machine. The ritual of making the cup of coffee is both sentimental and meditative for me.

How do you manage to separate business and family life together?

Lia-Belle: Right now we don’t! It’s more intertwined than ever being that we’re very focused on co-parenting. Lotte works from our home office three days of the week to ensure she’s part of each day with Opi, and to help me so the home and baby care doesn’t fall just on me. Before Ophelia was born we knew that we didn’t want there to be a home/work divide that would mean one of us would have to ‘go off to work’ and leave the other an ‘at home’ parent’. Our parenting style influences how we run the business which means we don’t work 9am-6pm. At the moment, whilst Opi is so little we work around her schedule and alternate caring/working roles throughout the day. Our daily to-do list is checked off in between feeds and sleeps but Lotte does manage most of the day-to- day running of the business and 90% of the email replies. Sharing the load of the caring for Opi, and sharing the load of running the business and the home means that when we’re doing Worn work – we’re totally focused, and when we’re with Opi, we’re totally focused on her –we’re very mindful to keep it this way. Worn isn’t just a brand or a business, it’s an extension of our life and so there isn’t any clear separation. Each customer purchase and email is discussed, everything that happens within the business happens within our home. We find having it this way keeps it personal and genuine, an attribute we hope to maintain within Worn even as the business continues to grow. Being that Worn is an extension of our day-to- day, the business is run outside of structured business hours. When we started Worn we wanted to ensure our business allowed us to have total flexibility whilst not compromising on professional integrity or our quality of life. We feel we have achieved that but of course, every day we learn something new and as the business continues to grow, so too does our dedication to maintaining a healthy balance between work, family and self.

After your return from Indonesia, you chose to base yourselves in the Byron Hinterlands, what made you choose this part of the world?

Our decision to move back to Australia was motivated by the pregnancy, but also because we knew that to grow the business we had to be in the country. Our decision to live in the Hinterlands was the answer to the question, ‘where enables us to have the best quality of life’. After living in Indonesia in a large villa with lots space, we didn’t want to move back and feel we were compromising our quality of life. We had boxes that needed to be ticked to determine where we would live. Land space, house size and quality, and proximity to ocean were all key factors.


Describe your families perfect ‘Modern Utopia’....

Lotte: I’ve never felt more whole than I do right now – our current surrounding really is our Modern Utopia…maybe if a perfect, uncrowed right hander point break was a stones throw away in our backyard – then life would be pretty damn perfect! Oh and a cabin with a natural hot spring – might as well add that into the Utopia mix!

Lia-Belle: I would say our life as it is right now, just maybe a little closer to the beach and family.



Addition Studio x NY MET

1ST AUG 2017


We are excited to announce that the Neolithic Shelving unit designed by our creative director and Founder, Ryan Hanrahan, for Page Thirty Three, has been commissioned by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, and will be included as part of the retail component of the Ettore Sottsass retrospective - Design Radical, this coming July.

The Neolithic shelving unit will be available for purchase in the retail section of the show.

It will be set amongst Ettore Sottsass’s pieces and other key global designers who’s work references the themes of the legendary designer’s ‘Memphis’ design style, that he coined in the 1980’s.

More about the Exhibition

Ettore Sottsass : Design Radical

At the Met Breuer July 21-October 8, 2017

A seminal figure in 20th-century design, the Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass (1917–2007) created a vast body of work, the result of an exceptionally productive career that spanned more than six decades.

This exhibition will reevaluate Sottsass’s career in a presentation of key works in a range of media—including architectural drawings, interiors, furniture, machines, ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles and pattern, painting, and photography. The exhibition will present Sottsass’s work in dialogue with ancient and contemporaneous objects that inspired him, as well as his influence on designers working today.

Read more here




Jasson Salisbury, The Art Of No Routine

1ST AUG 2017


Splitting his time between his native home Australia and Bali, as a professional free surfer, Jasson Salisbury spends a lot of time on the road. Besides surfing, Jasson teaches mediation and has number of other creative pursuits. He juggles all this with being a committed partner to artist Mia Taninaka and a father to their two sons.

Self described student of life, Jasson talks us through letting go of routine and expectations to enjoy a more fulfilling life and a deeper connection to the things that really matter.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

J: Father, surfer, traveller, meditation teacher, student of life

Describe your daily routine, and the one daily ritual you can’t live without?

J: Routine is not really a word I would use to describe the way my days seem to play out at this current phase of life. Just when I think I’ve got a routine figured out, some new teeth emerge from my youngest sons face and rip holes in it. I have certain activities that I fit into the day, but there is definitely no specific order or time for each of them.

Once upon a time I had a fairly routined existence, and I do in some way look forward to finding it again, but for now I’m doing what ever I can, whenever I can, to ground myself as I spin in the willy willy of life. Every morning I do a few things to help cleanse and purify my body. I scrape my tongue, brush my teeth and drink a large amount of water with a pre prepared salt solution called (solé), followed shortly after by a hot lemon ginger or Tumeric tea. Thats the simple time efficient version that I elaborate upon when needed.

I get in the ocean nearly every day, not every day, but I do make it a priority. A sprint and a split second dunking is all it takes somedays, if the waters looking clean I drink a bit. I'm taking some of that goodness with me. I meditate every day and I try to read/study something new. I actually find my instagram feed to be a good source of quick “learn something new” content, and it helps me justify wasting time on it. If a quick scroll inspires further inquiry into a new subject then it wasn’t a complete waste of energy. Most days end with telling a story to my son, it's a consistent opportunity to be creative and reconnect with childhood magic, a ritual I’ve come to love and respect. The one ritual I can’t live without.. Kissing and cuddling my family. If I’m away from them, then I do it in consciousness. The challenges in life can pull us away from these simple acts of love. I find this ritual to be extremely powerful because you connect with that source of love within and project it upon these lunatics I live with.

You’re a professional free surfer and that involves a lot of travel right? How do you find balance when you’re on the road so much?

J: Balance on the road has been a huge challenge for me over the years. What I have come to realise is that to achieve balance on the road you have to be willing to let go of preferences. The preconceived plan of how you will maintain balance can be the one thing that creates a lack of flow and ultimately a strain in your life on the road. The beautiful gift of travel is the way it cultivates adaptability. Things can go wrong on the road and it can be hard work, but overcoming these challenges is what makes for a memorable and productive journey. I don’t want my activities to restrict my movements in life, I want them to do the opposite. So in the fast moving landscape of travel I simplify my balancing act to include only one thing, Meditation. It can take added discipline to maintain when you're traveling, but if I do this, I have no problems letting go of everything else and finding flow. The people I’m with, the place I’m at, the food, the waves, the weather. All these things traverse the full spectrum of experience, from Amazing to Horrible and as long as I meditate regularly I can see the best in it all and come home stoked by the experience.

You also run a mediation course, tell about how you came to learn mediation and how it’s impacted your life?

J: I got my hands on some simple guided meditation tapes (actual tapes) in an attempt to stall a rising sensation of anxiety that was creeping into my life. My headspace at the time was no good, I generally lacked motivation and inspiration, I was feeling limited by so many different factors that seemed to be fixed in place and I couldn’t shake myself out of the cloud of negative thoughts that had settled in. so I started using the tapes.

The tapes got me interested in meditation and around the same time a good friend of mine went and learnt Vedic Meditation. He was having amazing results with his practice and got me psyched to jump on board. It took a while before I finally committed to learning, but when I did it was a complete game changer for me. Its been 10 years since I learnt and I can in all honesty say that all the goodness I've experienced between then and now has come to me through the door that meditation opens for me each day. All the limitations that I had felt before learning began to dissolve and new exciting opportunities emerged and continue to emerge even more frequently to this day. Challenges keep coming but I feel more confident to step up and face them and with each success comes a wave of happiness greater than before. This life just gets better and better.

You also have a lovely partner Mia and two kids, how do you balance family with the demands of running your own business and training for competitions?

J: I feel so lucky to be in a situation where I get to spend as much time with my family as I do, Mia and I both work from home so we're always together as a family. As lovely as this is, it definitely makes getting things done a challenge. We both worked from home before kids entered the equation and even then I found myself surrounded by distractions and opportunities to delay work, but kids in the mix is a whole different thing. All parents working from home 'I salute you'! its the dream and the curse. Late nights are the standard fall back plan because daytime is absorbed by the little people, they feed on the energy that is required to get work done and you can’t hide it from them, as soon as a trickle of motivation comes beading from your brow they eat it and chase it to the source, so I don’t even try. We do shift work, if Mia has a more pressing deadline then I’m on dad duty and vice versa. We remove them from the house and go exploring so the other one can focus/cram. The other curve ball in our current situation is surfing, the ocean, weather and wave quality doesn’t play fair with our shift work schedule. When the waves are good the night shift work hours come into play more than ever and we all battle fatigue. Between Mia and I we have a bunch of different streams of income so trying to balance them all with equal attention is key. I’m blessed to have Surfing fall under one of those streams of income, but if I feed that one stream and ignore the others the river dries up. So we work as a team, Mia and I, to make sure all sources are nourished and receive sufficient attention.

What are you reading right now?

J: Im currently studying 'unified science' through an online delegates program with the resonance academy. Which means all my spare reading time is dedicated to articles on modern physics and then Unified field theory.

Complete mind boggle for my un-sciencey mind to comprehend but I’m enjoying the challenge. Its nice to read some cutting edge science that shares the same world view of the ancient spiritual teachings in the East.

Its opening me up to a whole new world of language and ideas.

What’s your favourite overseas destination and why?

J: Its so hard to pick a favourite. Ive got such a strong bond with Bali after living there for 4 years. My Son Ziggy was born there so the place is surrounded by a number of very special memories that come flooding back when I step of the plane. Its busy and touristy but also deeply quiet and still, I feel very at peace in the balmy atmosphere of Bali. Every time I go back I find something new and exciting. Waves, food, temples, this place has an abundance of each in the highest quality. It is my lazy option forsure. It doesn’t challenge me as much as other places due to being familiar with all the basic necessities , everything is really easy and nice from the moment i get there. There are still so many places in Indonesia that I haven’t seen and Bali has become a good base camp from which I can venture to unknown Indo, which is immensely large when you start zooming in on little reef passes and villages. I don’t think I will move back there for an extended time but I will continue to travel there.

Morocco, Chile, Sri Lanka and India have also been memorable locations that I would like to return to.

Describe your ‘perfect' modern utopia......

J: An ocean in the mountains with a wave that starts as a left wedge, reforms into a sand bottom point and reforms again into a little right point for Ziggy (who I think is a natural footer) before crumbling into rock pools for Taro to play in. Our house is beach front, but due to the higher altitude of this ocean it feels and looks like a tropical mountain house. Its surrounded by rich fertile land and an abundance of wild non-Hybrid foods that sustain themselves, the animals, my family and all our friends who live near-by. A pristine spring fed creek infused with a tea produced from the medicinal plants that line its shores trickles year round. My surfboard is made from a high density foam product that is extracted from the seaweed that grows in abundance along the shores, this foam becomes completely malleable when placed next to a campfire allowing for new ideas to take form through slight pressure and movement of the hand. Everyone gathers by the fire each night to unravel the mysteries of the universe and alter their surf craft. We drink mind expanding elixirs from the herbs that grow in the forest and communicate with our ancestors, listen to their stories and share them with the children. Surfing all day is highly respected, In fact it is respected beyond all other activities and proven to be the gateway to immortality.

For more inspo follow Jason on Insta




A Guide To Burning Palo Santo And Smudging

17TH JUL 2017


There are lots of ways of dealing with negative vibes: mediation, crystal grinding, a long hot bath - but we love Palo Santo because it’s one of the simplest and most versatile remedies. Burning can be done in conjunction with meditation, as part of a smudging ritual (more on this later) or throughout the day using an incense burner.

Spanish for “holy wood”, Palo Santo is a sacred tree which grows in select parts of South America. It has been used for centuries by shamans in ritual prayer, ceremonies and healing. Tracing back to the Incan Empire, it had a prevalent place in native ritualistic medicine, preferred by shamans and healers for it’s metaphysical properties of purification and clearing negative energies. 

Rich in brain-oxygenating terpenes such as limonene and a-terpineol, Palo Santo has an uplifting and positive effect. It's believed to cleanse to a person’s energy field, thereby enhancing their ability to deflect and repel negative energies as well as raising your positive vibrations in preparation for meditation. It's also been known for it’s grounding and focusing effect which can enhance creativity, productivity and increase good fortune.

Going away from the energy side of things, Palo Santo's also proven to be an effective natural alternative to insect repellant. Additionally it smells incredible, and can be used instead of scented candles or essential oils.

So whatever your beleif, Palo Santo definitely helps to create a positive and soothing atmosphere.

How to use it

Use a candle, match or lighter to ignite your stick. Then hold it at a 45 degree angle pointing the tip down towards the flame. Allow the stick to burn for 30 seconds to a minute and then blow it out. From there you can either place the stick in an incense burner and leave to smoulder, or you can use it for smudging. If left to rest the stick will smoulder and release smoke for approx 5 mins. If used for smudging, or you are waiving it around a space, it will smoulder for longer.


If you have a meditation ritual, you can burn some Palo Santo in an incense burner before your practice. This will help prepare your energy and mind for meditation and allow you to more easily connect with your practice.

Steps for smudging

Smudging is the ritual of cleaning the energy of a physical space, object or person. First you start with a clear and simple intention of focusing on clearing the negative energy out of your space and mind. Once you have your intention clearly in mind, light the Palo Santo stick as per instructions above.

Then walk around the room, space, object or person, fanning the smoke over it’s entirety, whilst focusing on cleansing and clearing negative energy. Palo Santo will smoulder and release smoke for a few minutes and may need to be re-light a few times throughout the ritual, depending on the size of the area area you are cleansing.

Once you’ve finished smudging and removed the negative energy, you must push positive energy into the space to maintain balance. To do this, declare your intention out loud or silently in your head.





Our Favourite Natural Hot Springs

16TH JUN 2017


We’re firm believers that there's nothing better to clear the mind and sooth the soul than sinking into a nice hot bath after a long day. But if you want to take it to the next level then you need to experience the wonders of thermal hot springs.

Balneology is the scientific study of the therapeutic benefits of naturally occurring mineral waters. And yes, it’s really a thing! In fact, throughout Europe and Japan, balneology, or hot springs therapy, is widely used as part of routine medical care.

Recently the benefits of hot springs therapy have become pretty popular amongst wellness seekers and adventurous travellers alike. So, if your keen to work a little self-care into your next travel itinerary, we’ve rounded up our favourite spots for you to try.


As a volcanically active country, Japan has thousands of onsens (hot springs) scattered throughout all of its major islands. Japanese people believe that a good soak in proper onsen heals all manner of aches, pains and diseases. The Japanese even have a word for this called "Onsen Therapy".

Our favourite is Nestled deep within the Northern Japan Alps, at the foot of Mt. Norikura, in a small ryokan called Miharashi. The best time to visit is autumn, where you can bath outside in the unique white sulphuric blend of soothing water and watch the red and yellow leaves falling down around you.



The Bolivia Salt Flats, or Salar de Uyuni, might be one of the most stunning places on Earth, and is pretty much a photographer’s (and Instagrammer’s) dream.

One of it’s attractions is the naturally occurring hot springs that are formed outside the many lagoons in the area. The only manmade developments are walls to contain the water and some small shacks with see-through curtains that you can change behind. If you can get there just after sunrise, you can usually have the pools to yourself, to enjoy getting warm and toasty in the pristine waters whilst taking in the breath-taking views in peace. At only 60 cents an entry, it’s well worth a visit.



Like Japan, Iceland is a hotbed of volcanic activity, and so hot springs are somewhat of a national pastime. If you’re planning a trip to Iceland, or know someone who’s been there, then you’ve probably heard of The Blue Lagoon Spa, which undoubtabley is worth a visit. But if you’re willing to get off the beaten track, there are far less crowded and more hidden gems to explore. Seljavallalaug is one of these, and it’s certainly not featured on the typical tour bus route. It’s the oldest and most authentic outdoor bathing pool in Iceland. It’s nestled deep in a narrow valley below the infamous Eyjafjallajökull, in the southern part of the Island. The pool‘s water stems from a natural hot spring close by and it’s completely surrounded by green mountain ranges, with not a soul in site. Better yet it’s free.


Pantelleria is a little-known Island in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisa. Sometimes referred to as the 'black pearl of the Mediterranean’ – it’s a fairly rugged and remote volcanic outcrop. With its only beach in-land and made of mud, it’s remained relatively immune from the hordes of sun-seeking tourists that descend on the Mediterranean every summer. But for those in the know the Islands secret attraction is the Specchio di Venere (“Mirror of Venus”), and is the reason why celebrities such as Giorgio Armani, Truman Capote, Sting and Madonna visit here every year.

This naturally occurring heart-shaped lake, fed by rainwater and hot springs, and of a colour that changes from emerald to turquoise to deep blue – is both luxuriously self-indulgent and gratifyingly therapeutic. A favourite pastime of locals is slathering themselves in the mineral-rich mud, rinsing off with a swim to the centre, and emerging, regenerated, with silky soft skin. The pièce de résistance? Pantelleria also has a natural hot sauna located in a grotto on the island’s highest peak.


New Zealand is geothermal hot bed of activity, with 100’s of naturally occurring hot springs throughout it’s famously beautiful wilderness. One of these, The Welcome Flat Hot Pools, has one of the best views in the country, being settled in a valley surrounded by snow-capped peaks and native forest. To get here it’s a bit of a mission, with an 18km hike that takes you up Copland Valley through beech forest, across grassy clearings and rivers, with stunning alpine views along the way. At the end, you’ll be rewarded with a soak in four naturally heated thermal pools, where can relax your tired muscles, whilst taking in the pristine and breath-taking nature. In November, you can soak whilst watching avalanches cascading down the opposite face of the mountains surrounding you – a pretty epic experience!




Mark And Rikai Blondel, On Finding Balance

12TH JUN 2017


We're constantly inspired by the creative community around us, and want to bring you a window into lives of those people who who manage to create a life where refined design, a healthy lifestyle and clear mind come together seamlessly.

In life we all strive to design our best possible existence, often though, it can be hard to strike the balance between work, quality time with friends and family, creative pursuits and self-care. But some people seem to have it down to an art.

Like couple Mark and Rikai Blondel. Rikai is a women's health yoga teacher, Mark an award wining film maker, together they run a Vedic Meditation Studio and are proud parents of beautiful daughter Indigo, with another addition to their tribe soon on the way. We sat down with them to find out how they do it all and still manage to find balance.

Tell us a little bit about who guys you are and what you do?

R: I am an adventurer at heart, constantly looking for the next thing to try and experience, with the intent of developing a greater understanding of myself. I am a lover and a mother with our current creation growing in my belly. I teach yoga, specialising in women’s health.

M: I’m equal parts, traveler, and homebody. Rikai jokes that I could happily sit under a cherry tree and listen to the breeze for the rest of my days, but I’m stirred to move with life’s currents. I’m a filmmaker, and Vedic Meditation teacher. Together we’re a happy little growing tribe of three, soon to be four, living on the deep-south wilderness coast called The Sapphire.

Tell us about your new meditation studio, and why Merimbula?

M: It’s a tranquil little gem of a space hidden away in the heart of town. We moved to this area 2 years ago after travelling and a good stint in Sydney. There was a piece of land down here with a little running river that was ideal and inline with our goals of simple country living. We’re country kids at heart. Rikai grew up down here, with my childhood spent up the road in the Snowy Mountains. This deep-south environment feels like home for us. It’s pristine, uncrowded and crazy beautiful. We’ve created RṢHI Meditation Studio because we wanted to contribute something of substance to this area. Its offering will include and extend beyond yoga/meditation courses and become a space for those seeking good company, community, and activities aligned with the greater theme of self-discovery. We’ll also offer travel and accommodation options for busy Sydney-siders and Melbournites to fly in and experience the beauty of the area, and master meditation on an ideal getaway.

R: It’s such a beautiful space; a peaceful nest tucked away in the central area of town. We wanted to create an accessible space where people can gather and feel a part of and supported by a conscious community. As well as provide a fitting escape for city dwellers.


Describe each of your daily routines, and the one daily ritual you can’t live without?

M: We tend to wake before the Sun and begin with Agnihotra, an ancient super science to purify and balance mind, body and environment. Then we meditate, feed up, and either shoot into the national parks for a surf before work, or wag the day and head into the mountains if it’s snowed. Rikai is heavily pregnant now so I surf while she and Indi and the bump play in the sand and around the winter beach fire. During the day I shift between meditation courses and production work and sneaking off to surf again.

Nights are pretty much dedicated to family. My girls are my world. I meditate again before night falls to reset, de-stress and be present with them. Our nights are typically filled with art, play, conversation, music and good times. My can’t live without ritual is undoubtedly Vedic Meditation.

R: Daily ritual I can’t live without… umm… waking up nice and early, ideally before our little girl Indigo, and start the day with yagya, sun salutations and meditation. We all go to the beach in the morning whenever possible then my routine varies depending on the day. But the staples are always sitting down with little Indigo at meals and at points during the day so we can slow down and connect and talk and ahre. We love walking in nature, visiting our little river, and lots of creative activities. She has a big and vivid imagination like her Dad and I try to accommodate and nurture it. I like to fit in a few Yoga classes a week and feel highly adaptable and grounded in life thanks to it. Before the night routine starts I meditate again so I can start the night fresh and nestle in happy with my family.

Mark, you are also an award wining creative within tv, film and digital, how do you keep balanced with all the demands the industry brings?

M: Yeah these arenas can be very demanding on the mind and energy levels and my wellbeing. Also, my time. The work environments I enter can often be very high pressure and sometimes a little intense so I make dang sure I look after myself in order to progress without struggle. Ultimately, it’s very rewarding when you’re in a good place and not struggling under the weight of demands. I think myself fortunate that I was determined and set my mind to learning the arts of self-repair and sustainability early on. I have routines and rituals and processes I adhere to. Quite simply, to keep balanced and stay healthy and sane amidst the intensity of creative campaigns I get in the ocean, I get into nature, I turn all digital devices off after work. I do simple things like chop wood and do some gardening and sit and stare at the wind moving the trees. It’s so simple but my mind and energy settles and all the irrelevant stuff falls away and left feeling happy and lively. I also make sure I keep good company. I eat well. I keep my body moving with exercise and yoga and use my secret weapon, meditation, to remove all stress and boost my energy and keep my mind sharp, creative, positive, lively and attuned to its tasks.

Rikai we hear you’re a very devoted mum and also currently expecting with your guy’s second tribe member, what rituals do you have for balancing the demands of motherhood with setting up a new business?

R: Meditation, twice daily, this is my tried and tested, solve anything & everything magic pill. Our little girl has been around us meditating since she was born, so she is very respectful of this time, I use to fit it in during breastfeeding, and now Indi's older we just let her know it’s time for us to meditate and she will quietly play.

Also, being in nature either on our land or at the beach seems to ignite my creativity and ground me, with a busy little one this is easy as they love adventure, the outdoors and using their imagination.

What are you both reading at the moment?

M: MATISSE, Volmar Essers

R: Childbirth Wisdom from the Worlds oldest societies by Judith Goldsmith

Describe your families 'perfect' modern utopia…..

R: A self sustainable home, vegies and herbs growing all about, leaving no footprint, by the sea and close to the mountains, surrounded by nature with the only sound being birds chirping, cows mooing, water flowing, children’s laughter, and surrounded by good, wise company.

M: Second that.




Our Ingredients

H MAY 2017



Using local & organic produce contributes to a better world, while a relaxed, healthy mind contributes to a positive collective psyche.

We're pretty proud to say that all of our Ritual products and treatments are blended by hand in Australia using all natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible. Meaning you can relax when you're using our products because we have no artificial colours, fragrances, glycols, parabens, mineral oils or sodium laureth sulfates. Yay.

Tested on humans, most of our products are vegan-friendly. AND we always make sure to clearly label if not!


We don’t muck around at Addition Studio, so you won’t find any useless ingredients in our treatments. Everything we put in has a purpose and is there to help you relax, detox, cleanse, heal or just generally improve your life.

So what’s in some of our most popular products?


The Milk Bath Brew, probably the most favourite of our Bath Treatments, contains ingredients such as Lavender botanicals, know for it’s calming and antiviral properties, and Organic Raw Cacao Butter, which is one of the richest sources of antioxidants known to man and is able to penetrate the skin at cellular level delivering moisture where it counts.

Other key ingredients found in all of our Bath Brews are; Epson salts, which provide relaxation to the nervous system as well as curing skin problems and healing wounds, and Australian Goats Milk Powder, which, with the same PH level as human skin, and rich in Vitamins A+ D, strengthens and adds suppleness to the skin.

Another favorite, the Chai Bath Brew, contains some pretty awesome ingredients.

Witch Hazel Leaves create a tonic that strengthens and tightens the skin and Rosehip, a real super hero ingredient, is high in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C & K, providing a multitude of remedial benefits.


Our Bath Treatments also contain some pretty impressive ingredients

Australian White Clay, used across all the soaks, offers deep detoxification leaving the skin clean and harmonious Calendula Flower featured in the Osmosis Bath Soak is anti inflammatory and has even been know to help treat spider veins, bruises and swelling

Particles in Chaos Bath Scrub and Soak, with the combination of Organic Coffee Arabica and Coconut Refined Oil, exfoliates, energises and moisturises simultaneously.



Using only pure essential oils, without any artificial fragrances, we mix our blends to suit all your emotional needs

Centre, containing pure lavender oil, helps to reduce anxiety and emotional stress

Downer contains a mix of Rose, Vanilla, Cedar Wood Atlas, Orange Sweet, Palmarosa & Lavender Bulgaria, all of which are known for their calming and relaxing benefits

Upper, containing Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon and Cedar Wood Oil creates a fresh scent which immediately lifts you up. It's also great to use as a head steam when you have the flu.