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Kat Parker and Dave Child from the Noun Collective recently travelled with Creative Director Ryan Hanrahan up and down the NSW Coast of Australia, exploring both his hometown and Sydney Studio/workshop. Take a look at the behind the scenes lifestyle of Addition Studio.

A special thanks to Kat and Dave who’s energy for creative projects is endless.





Our Collection Of Bathroom Inspiration

2ND NOV 2017


Not surprisingly our obsession with daily ritual extends to the act of bathing. We love any excuse to pop a few drops of oil or a bath treatment in the tub and let the steam work its magic. We’ve collected a few bathrooms that inspire us to create that moment of relaxation to rejuvenate tired minds and bodies. Whether its Japanese inspired sunken baths, Swedish sauna-esque wood panelled rooms, to beautiful moulded tubs these luxurious bathing spaces are the epitome of escapism and relaxation.

Akasha Wellbeing Centre at Cafe Royal We’re obsessed with the dreamy spaces of the Akasha Wellbeing Centre which are the perfect combination of sci-fi film set meets traditional turkish hammam or swedish sauna. Designed as an urban retreat inside the historic Cafe Royal by David Chipperfield Architects it features a glamorous yet holistic experience with its large lap pool and four areas correcting to the elements: spa/water, gym/fire, yoga/air and organic bar/earth.

Berg House, Tokyo, Japan This bathroom in the Berg House by Kengo Kuma and Associates is a private Japanese bathhouse dream. The slatted wood panelling with its beautiful shadow effect and the luxurious wooden tub inspire us to recreate the Japanese bathing tradition at home.

Horai Onsen Bath House Another one from Kengo Kuma and Associates is the Horai Onsen Bath House. It is a semi outdoor bathing experience where the dressing room, wash basin and wooden bathtub are lined up horizontally on a narrow strip of land floating hallway up a cliff. We love the refined simplicity of the structure and the inspiration to get soaking in nature!

Urban Contemporary Bathroom We love this urban minimalist bathroom design by freelance architect and interior designer Eleni Psyllaki. The atrium and gridded tiles create a utopian aesthetic. The element of foliage adds to the overall mood of relaxation and rejuvenation of this space.

Gota Dam Residence The amazing cast concrete sink in the Gota Dam Residence by Sforza Seilern Architects. We’d love to pair it with this lovely round concrete tub where we can envision spending hours soaking with a view. 

Carine T Another great one is Carine Roitfied’s renovated bathroom in her parisian apartment by David Chipperfield Architects. The beautiful marble floors are beautifully paired with elegant slatted timber detailing.



Get Lost – A Collection Of Our Favourite Mazes

2ND NOV 2017


The unmistakable and mysterious allure of mazes has been a constant inspiration for us. The mind of a designer can often be like a maze: turning the corner only to catch glimpse of an idea not yet fully realised or turning again to chance upon an unexpected solution. Our love of mazes as a symbol of letting go to the process has us dreaming of these intricate, magical places. Whether its the formal play between soft flowing shapes, trimmed and tucked rigid geometry and interlocking spaces, or its symbolism of serenity and introspection, they keep us coming back to get lost all over again!

Here we’ve collected a few of our favourite mazes around the world for you to explore.

1. Jardin de Marqueyssac, France An absolute favourite of ours are the gardens at the 17th century Château de Marqueyssac near Sarlat, France. The grounds were transformed by its owner Julien de Lavergne in the late 19th century. Inspired by Italian gardens he created a beautiful sculptural landscape which features 150,000 individual box plants as well as pines, oaks and cypress and is accessed by 6 kilometers of meandering pathways. The gardens display a delightful contrast between more natural, romantic-style sections to punctuated geometric forms against the dramatic backdrop of the Dordogne valley. 

2. Il Labirinto Stra, Italy One of the most famous mazes, the labyrinth of the Villa Pisano, was created in 1720. With its nine concentric rings, it has a reputation of being the most difficult maze to solve, legend has it even Napoleon was stumped! Once the visitor tackles the maze they can climb the spiral staircase of the central turret to catch a perfect view of the puzzle. 

3. Longleat Hedge Maze, Bath UK We're obsessed with the cerebral-like pattern of the Longleat Hedge maze. It is the largest maze in Britain, featuring 16,000 English yew trees laid out by designer Greg Bright in 1975 as part of the 8,000 acres that have been the home of the Marquesses of Bath since the 16th century. Unlike other mazes Longleat’s maze features six wooden bridges which offer the opportunity for a tantalising peek over the hedges before descending again into the labyrinth. The ultimate goal is to reach the central tower. 

4. Ashcombe Maze, Vic Australia If you’re ever on the beautiful Morning Peninsula in Victoria we highly recommend a visit to the Ashcombe Maze, Australia’s oldest and most famous hedge maze. The gardens also features a lavender labyrinth and the oldest rose maze with 217 rose varieties. The traditional hedge maze is planted with more than 1000 cypress trees and thousands of metres of pathways. 

5. Leeds Castle Maze, Kent UK The Leeds Castle Maze was planted in 1988 consists of 2,400 yew trees. Its cyclical pattern is set in a square adding to its difficulty and when viewed from the centre, its plan mirrors a queen’s crown. Once you’ve reached the centre of the maze, return to civilisation through a grotto, complete with mythical beasts created from shells, designed by Simon Verity and Diana Reynell. 



Addition Studio x Qualia Resort

31TH OCT 2017


Recently we were asked to create a special edition of our Marble Essential Oil Burner to be part of the in room experience at Qualia, Australia’s premier luxury resort on Hamilton Island. Situated on the secluded northern-most tip of Hamilton Island surrounded by all the splendor of the Great Barrier Reef. With a relaxed aspect and mesmerizing calmness, time seems to stretch forever. The Essential Oil Burners are featured in all new look rooms which come as part of Qualia’s hyped facelift post Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

Qualia's distinctive style combined with its sun-drenched location and intuitive service makes it a luxurious resort on world-class standards. It's a truly special place where everything has been meticulously considered to relax the mind and completely spoil the senses. The special edition Marble Essential Oil Burner blends perfectly within their luxurious in room interiors and breathtaking landscape and enhances their guests the full relaxation and rejuvenation experience.




A Guide To Using Our Crystal Pack

31TH OCT 2017


Crystals are thought to possess many healing powers. We believe that the daily ritual of setting your intentions is a powerful positive force, and a great way to bring attention to your goals. To be able to accomplish something you must first be able to imagine it. If you’re a believer (or even if you’re a bit sceptical) here’s our steps for charging your crystals for all your healing needs!

Our pack includes three crystals:

Clear Quartz: Thought to be the master healer which amplifies intentions.
Rose Quartz: Believed to carry the vibration of love.
Citrine Clusters: Known as the manifestation stone.

Charging your Crystals:

After purchasing your crystal pack or after extended use of your crystals, they will need to be recharged in order to clear its energy and unlock its healing potential! We recommend re-charging your crystals once a month depending on their use. Regular recharging can be a moment to spend time with your crystals and set your intentions while returning the crystal to its natural base resonant frequency.


Our suggested tools available for recharging:

Smudging - Palo Santo, Sage and Cedar are considered to have the purification properties necessary to clear crystals.

How to:

First light your preferred smudge stick with either a match, lighter or candle. Then hold it at a 45 degree angle pointing the tip down towards the flame. Allow the stick to burn for 30 seconds to a minute the gently fan the smudge stick to extinguish the flame and it should begin to smoulder and smoke.

Let the smoke wash over the crystals for a few minutes, whilst focusing on cleansing and clearing negative energy. Depending on the smudge stick you are using you may need to relight between the charging of each crystal.


Light - use the energising rays of either the sun or the moon to recharge crystals.

How to:

Set your crystals in a safe place, perhaps on a window sill, where they will be exposed to either direct sunlight of moonlight and leave crystals for 24 hrs of more.

WARNING - Certain crystals are not suitable for exposure to direct sunlight as it they will fade. These include Rose Quartz and Citrine. Practice moonlight for these cleansing instead.


Salt - considered one of the most effective tools for clearing. Can either use a salt bath or dry salt.

How to:

For a salt bath, dissolve about a teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water and place your crystal in the water. Allow the crystal to sit in the water for a few minutes and then remove them from the water, rinse with fresh water, and then pat dry.

To use dry salt, half-fill a bowl with sea salt and place your crystals directly into the salt. Either bury them into the dry salt or leave them on the surface. Leave the crystals for a few hours or longer. After your crystals should then be rinsed thoroughly in fresh water to remove any remaining salt and then pat dried.

After crystals are cleared, direct your intensions to them and enjoy your freshly recharged crystals! 



Addition Studio x Chateau Marmont

31TH OCT 2017


As part of a recent event at the Chateau Marmont, celebrating writer and curator Neville Wakefield, our iconic Oil Burner was selected as part of in room display.

The event highlighted the synergy between art, design and fashion. Wakefield, whose work pushes beyond traditional boundaries in art and fashion, was honored at the private event for his role as artistic director of Desert X, a recurring site-specific, international contemporary art exhibition, which debuted last year to critical acclaim, attracting more than 200,000 visitors to the exhibition in the Coachella Valley, and for the upcoming re-launch of the Rudi Gernreich label, a first expression of which will be revealed in 2018. Together with other international design brand and artists ADDITION STUDIO was featured in room and at the opening event.

Neville Wakefield with girlfriend Minnie Driver at the event

'Mirage' installation featured as part of Desert X

Lita Albuquerqu’s hEARTH installation for Desert X featured at event

Chateau Marmont

Few hotels are as famous or as notorious as the Chateau Marmont. For eighty-five years, the Chateau has been the go-to spot for stars who want to exhibit their baddest behaviour just outside of the public eye. A West Hollywood landmark, the Chateau has been home to wild parties, secretive trysts, and all manner of drug-fueled, sexy Hollywood legends. From Howard Hughes who lived in the Penthouse for 3 years to Jim Morrison, Britney Spears, Joni Mitchell, Leonardo DiCaprio and even James Dead who hopped through a hotel window to audition for the movie Rebel without a Cause. All manner of high profile celebrities have sought a mixture of hedonism and tranquility inside the Chateau’s thick walls.

If there is anywhere in Los Angeles that needs the soothing scents of our Essential Oil Burner it’s the Chateau Marmont!



Our Favourite Natural Hot Springs Part Two

26TH OCT 2017


We can’t get enough of natural hot springs so we’ve put together a second guide to some of our favourite. This time we’re also featuring one from our homeland Australia. Whilst we aren’t known for our volcanic landscape (normally a pre-requisite for the formation of hot springs) we have a surprising abundance of natural thermal pools and springs. Combine this with our infamous natural landscape we’re lucky enough to have some pretty epic hot spring expereinces on offer.


Located in the East Kimberley, El Questro Homestead is 700,000 acres of vast and stunningly beautiful terrain. The landscape offers outstanding diversity – from rugged sandstone ranges and broad tidal flats, to rainforest pockets, gorges and permanent waterfalls. For guests staying at the El Questro, an exclusive experience is the daily excursion to Zebedee Thermal Springs where multiple naturally occurring thermal pools and waterfalls converge within a setting of sheer cliff faces and a forest of huge native palms. If your not interested in staying at the homestead you can also enter the thermal springs for free before 12pm.


2. TERME DI SATURNIA, Tuscany, Italy

Global well-being is the objective pursued by the Terme di Saturnia. Located in Maremma, one of the most stunning parts of Tuscany, the Resort is centred around an ancient travertine stone building on the site of a rich thermal spring which dates back beyond the Etruscan era. The spring is sourced from rain water that travels on an approximately forty-year journey from the bowels of Monte Amiata, filtering drop by drop through micro-fissures of cavernous limestone. The pure spring water that surfaces into the large thermal pool at the centre of the resort is enriched with a high concentration of gases and mineral salts and flows at a constant temperature of 37.5°C. The same temperature as the amniotic fluid that protects humans at birth. The water is said to be effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, reducing cardiovascular and respiratory tension, and cleansing the liver. The healing powers of the sulphurous spring water are harnessed in luxurious, regenerative therapies at Terme di Saturnia’s recently refurbished spa, which offers a range of tailored medical, nutritional, destress, detox and fitness programmes.

3. STRÚTSLAUG, Iceland

Situated next to a glacier river, and an hour walk from the nearest road, this is one of Icelands most secret spots, which most visitors have never head of. Here you can try your hand at the famous Scandinavian winter bathing technique, and alternate between the freezing glacier river and the hot natural spring. With no bathing or changing facilities, you have to be pretty comfortable with being naked in the open – perhaps one for the more adventurous soul!


The therapeutic benefits of the Rotorua area’s thermal water have been known since the early 19th Century. Hailed for their healing properties, it’s claimed that the geothermal waters can cure all manner of diseases and ailments including sexual impotence, arthritis and rheumatism. A short drive from South Rotorua is Keresone Creek, a natural hot spring that flows through the native bush down a stunning two metre waterfall into a quiet pool of hot water. Here you can find a steaming creek of geothermal heated water, where thousands of bubbles forced down a rock face jet up to the surface to create a natural spa bath. A little further along in the forest is a small waterfall with a swimming area below, naturally heated so you can bath here even during the coolest months. With free admission it’s easy to see why this destination is becoming increasingly popular.


5. LAMP NO YADO, Japan

Probably one of Japan’s best hidden gems, Lamp No Yado is a traditional Japanese Inn (Ryokan) and onsen resort, tucked away in a cove at the very tip of Noto Peninsula. Owned by Shuichi Tone, who comes from a family of shipbuilders dating back 400 years, the property sits quite literally metres from the foaming, turbulent Sea of Japan. A country road takes you to a narrow path, from where you have to climb down a switchback hill on foot. It’s not really a town, or even a village, more a small cluster of traditional Japanese huts, nestled in the cliff face and surrounded by forests, sweeping down to the water's edge.

There are no TV’s or cell reception, at night, the property lights up using the traditional oil lamps that have now been converted to electricity. There are four different types of public baths including an open-air bath and a hot springs bath. With segregated baths, the women’s bath is a cave onsen with spectacular views out to the ocean. Secluded and remote it’s the perfect place to get off the grid. No wonder this property has been a refuge for centuries of Japanese seeking to cure what ails them!




Australian Native Series

4TH OCT 2017


Capturing the essence of the Australian Outback, our Native Series combines local flora & fauna as key ingredients in a range of therapeutic, relaxation, & beauty products which are based on simple daily rituals.


Drawing on inspiration and memories of camp fire stories, scents of florals bursting in spring, the colour palette of the Australian landscape, and research of acient Indigenous remedies and knowledge, we have created a range of products which reflect the Australian environment.

All products are made from Natural Australian Ingredients. We use no artificial colour, fragrance, glycols, paragons or mineral oils, sodium laureate surfaces, or mineral oils. Tested on humans. 


We believe that Australia has a rich source of therapeutic and fragrant botanicals & florals that until now haven’t been given nearly enough attention. We hope that these products inspire everyone to appreciate the Aussie bush as much as we do! 




How To Use A Synergy Oil Diffuser

4TH OCT 2017


1. Take out the copper oil dish (resting inside the top of the Diffuser) and fill with water 

2. Take your essential oil of choosing - we recommend Upper Oil for an uplifting mood - and squeeze 5-10 drops into the water and then return your oil dish to the Diffuser. 


3. Then take out your candle, resting it on the palm of your hand, and light it. 


4. Return your candle into the Diffuser, allow 2-5 minutes for the oil to heat up. 


5. Then sit back and allow the scent to lift you into your desired mood! 



How To Use An Oil Burner

4TH OCT 2017


1. First fill your flask to 1/3 full with water 

2. Take your essential oil of choosing - we recommend downer for relaxation, meditation and before sleep -and squeeze 5-10 drops of oil into the water

3. Place your flask back in it’s correct position, tightening it firmly but gently 


4. After you have placed the flask back in it’s correct position, take your candle and light it


5. Place the candle under the flask or water vessel and allow 5- 10 minutes for your water to heat up


6. Finally sit or lay down in a comfortable position - and RELAX….