The latest instalment in our iconic Ritual Series is - New Age Hippie Shit - a fun fresh look at creating a new earth army of healthy, positive and modern Utopians.

We offer an alternative way to live without giving up on style, comfort & modern luxuries.

Our iconic Ritual series always features a mix of objects for the home and studio as well as a range of body & bath treatments and natural fragrances. With products such as Oil Burners, Body Scrubs, Candles and hand blended Essential Oils - we are 'Designer Wellness'. We believe you can create a calm, healthy and creative existence by performing daily rituals which nourish your mind and body. Obsessed with the Art of Ritual - we are creating the Modern Utopia

With the launch of New Age Hippie Shit we’ve updated some of our most popular products, including the Synergy Oil Diffuser, with exciting colour ways and finishes. We’ve also added some fresh new products. Such as The Marble Dumbbell - the most stylish of all Gym accessories - and Crystal Packs. Crystals are thought to possess many healing powers, but are also a great tool for intention setting. We believe that the daily ritual of setting your intentions is a powerful positive force, and a great way to bring attention to your goals. To be able to accomplish something you must first be able to imagine it.

Inside the new collection we’ve also launched a whole new line titled - Australian Native Series. Drawing on inspiration and memories of camp fire stories, scents of florals bursting in spring, the colour palette of the Australian landscape, and research and ancient Indigenous remedies and knowledge, we have created a range of products which reflect the Australian environment.



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