We're super excited to announce that we recently changed our brand name from Page Thirty Three to ADDITION STUDIO.

It's with a touch of sadness that we let go of our old name Page Thirty Three - it was big part of the spark that launched our first collection in 2010. However over the course of our seven year brand evolution it's time for a name that better reflects our current direction, ethos and product offering.

ADDITION STUDIO’S logo is a fun fresh tweak on a First Aid Sign which links to our Designer Wellness component. The word ADDITION is reflective of adding to a space and the word STUDIO expresses that we are a multifaceted design studio also producing furniture and lighting.

ADDITION STUDIO envisage a life where refined design, a healthy lifestyle and a clear mind come together seamlessly. We believe you can create a calm, healthy and creative existence by performing daily rituals which nourish the mind and body. Synthesising popular culture, health and wellbeing, ancient ritual, sculptural aesthetic and modern art through the prism of utility - we create the modern Utopia.



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